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(Pre Order) PS5 Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven (Initial Released on 24 October 2024.)

  • Rule and expand the Varennes Empire across multiple generations, engage the Seven Heroes in a battle that spans millennia, and make choices that drastically alter the course of your journey in this non-linear RPG!
  • Characters & Imperial Succession - Join forces with characters from over 30 different classes featuring a wide variety of professions and races, each with their own favored weapons, unique abilities, and effective tactics.
  • Free-Form Scenario - The game presents a unique story structure that offers a vast array of narrative experiences in response to your choices and which objectives you tackle first—from how you expand the Empire to what order you challenge the Seven Heroes.
  • Combat - The strategic turn-based battle system of the original has been further enhanced to a timeline system.
  • Graphics - The original 2D pixel sprites are now modeled in full 3D while retaining their charming, familiar appearances based on the beautiful concept illustrations by Tomomi Kobayashi.