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HORI Nintendo Switch Oled Cargo Pouch - Pokemon Edition (NSW-412U)

$36.50 $45.90
$36.50 $45.90you save $9.40

Case from Hori

Do you love playing on your Nintendo Switch on the go? Then you need the HORI Cargo Pouch Compact! With this practical bag, you can easily transport and store your Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED model, or Nintendo Switch Lite together with all the accessories you need. The high-quality and detailed Pokemon design on the inside and outside is perfect for any trainer, and you'll be ready to battle wherever you are!

Easily transport and store Nintendo Switch and accessories

Can hold Nintendo Switch with HORI Split Pad Compact attached

Compatible with Nintendo Switch and OLED model

Officially licensed by Nintendo & The Pokémon Company International

With the Hori Cargo Pouch Compact, it's easier than ever to transport your Nintendo Switch console and accessories conveniently and safely. Buy your Nintendo Switch portable case and feel confident that your Switch won't break on your travels.


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