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Nintendo Switch Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent (Asia/Chinese)

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The Continent of Pedra, home to four nations, is in the midst of a serious crisis. The entire island is slowly transforming into a labyrinthine dungeon, and monsters are roaming the lands...

Cue our charming protagonist, Alex, who sets out on a journey in search of his missing father.

Using the Ruler Orb, a tactical artifact passed down in his family for generations, Alex has the ability to command others on the battlefield. With his childhood friend Citrinin tow, along with his dorky advisor Lazuli, he seeks to find the truth behind the anomalies that threaten all the people of Pedra.

A strategy RPG that tests your ability to manage a party of students and their unique powers to defeat the monster hordes that block your path. There is an overarching storyline that progresses with each quest you complete, but the majority of the gameplay will come to form the grid-based field.

Summon in your fellow students to help you fight enemies, tactically move them around the grid in real-time as you fight and clear the path ahead to forge your way to victory.

Choose bet a variety of races, sexes, abilities, and more for your ultimate team and level up with experience and loot you find as you journey.

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