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(Pre Order)Nintendo Switch Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics (Initial Released on 31 Dec-2024)

  • Online Play - Enjoy playing with people from all over the world, whether casually or competitively
  • Casual Matches - Enjoy low-stakes matches in the game of your choice
  • Ranked Matches - Aim or the top against the world's best players! Complete with League Points and leaderboards!
  • Custom Matches - Spectate your friends or play along with them using rules of your choosing!
  • The Punisher - Online Co-op/Spectating - Team up with people from all over the world, dropping in and out as you please. You can also spectate other player's games
  • High Score Challenge - Compete with other players for the highest score under set rules. Try for the spot at the top of the leaderboards!
  • Training Mode - *Fighting Games Only* - Pick your favorite character and stage, and train to your heart's delight! With settings for input displays, hit boxes, and damage numbers, both beginners and veterans will find the tools they need to improve!
  • Marquee Card - You can view the original arcade release's marquee card at any time while playing. Give it a look if you're trying a game you haven't played before!
  • Looks Just Like I Remember - Use Display Filters to recreate the visuals as you experienced them in the arcade. You can also adjust the display's size to your preference
  • Hop In and Out - Pause and unpause single-player content as you play. You can also easily retry difficult fights
  • Take On Challenges - Earn Fighter Awards (challenges) available for each included game
  • One-Button Specials! - Customize your button layout as you please, with a setting for simple, one-button specials if you struggle with inputs
  • Difficulty Settings - Difficulty levels can be adjusted for single player games! Get past that one fight or level that was giving you trouble!
  • Gallery and Sound - View design documents, posters, and instruction cards, and listen to all the music that make up the games you love!

Item Description

Beloved Marvel characters take the stage in Capcom-produced action and fighting games in this collection of timeless classics! Enjoy both English and Japanese versions of the arcade releases! All kinds of new features have been added, including online play! Experience these wonderful games with players from all over the world!

Game List:
X-Men: Children of the Atom
Marvel Super Heroes
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
The Punisher